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Trail Cameras and Rutting Behavior

Trail cameras not only offer a window to view wildlife in their natural habitat, but they can also provide interesting data on animal behavior! One great example of this is the deer rut. As deer begin moving around at an increased rate during the rut, the animals trigger motion activated trail cameras and cause a spike in photos.

This is one of the many interesting observations that users have found with Snapshot Wisconsin’s new Data Dashboard. The Data Dashboard allows users to visualize trail camera data collected from across Wisconsin. Explore on your own at http://datadashboard.snapshotwisconsin.org.

Deer Rutting Season – Iowa County Bucks

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Are you ready for deer rutting season? The deer rut coincides with a sharp spike in deer images for the Snapshot Wisconsin project, and offers trail camera hosts the opportunity to capture some exciting series like the below example from Iowa County!

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Interested in hosting your own Snapshot Wisconsin camera? Visit our webpage to find out how to get involved: https://dnr.wi.gov/topic/research/projects/snapshot/.