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Snapshot Saturday: June 29th, 2019

Did you know that black bear have short, curved claws that make them exceptional tree climbers? Climbing trees allows a bear to take refuge from predators, gather food and even take a break. Keep an eye out (or up) for bears this summer!

Check out this bear cub captured on a Polk County Snapshot Wisconsin camera learning the ropes.


Interested in hosting your own Snapshot Wisconsin camera? Visit our webpage to find out how to get involved: https://dnr.wi.gov/topic/research/projects/snapshot/.

Snapshot Saturday: May 25th, 2019

In addition to making excellent back-scratchers, trees also offer a tool for black bear to communicate with one another. These so called “rub trees” assist bears in shedding their winter coats while leaving behind their scent, making their presence known to passersby.

Check out this black back and their rub tree captured on a Marinette County Snapshot Wisconsin camera!

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Did you know you can view and classify photos collected from Snapshot Wisconsin cameras across the state at www.SnapshotWisconsin.org? It’s a fun activity for the whole family!