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May #SuperSnap

The May #SuperSnap goes to this action shot of a gray squirrel from Dane County! Squirrels make up 9% of the animal photos captured by Snapshot Wisconsin trail cameras, putting them just behind deer as the second largest collection of animal photos in our database. These squirrel detections can be viewed in combination with our chipmunk observations on the Snapshot Wisconsin Data Dashboard. This online tool visualizes the trail camera data collected by Snapshot volunteers found all around the state. 

A huge thanks to Zooniverse participant @charleysangel for this #SuperSnap nomination

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The 2020 Data Are Now Available on the Data Dashboard

The following piece was written by OAS Communications Coordinator Ryan Bower for the Snapshot Wisconsin newsletter. To subscribe to the newsletter, visit this link.

The Snapshot Team is happy to announce that the data from 2020 are now available on the Data Dashboard. Explore the 2020 dataset yourself today!

Snapshot’s Data Dashboard is a data visualization tool that lets the public interact with the data collected from over 2,000 trail cameras spread across the state. The Data Dashboard first was made available to the public in October 2020 and showcased the data of 18 species. Since then, an additional species have been added to the list, and the Snapshot Team plans to add more over time.

One of the unique features of the dashboard is that it lets people choose which data they want to visualize. You can look at data from individual years by selecting the desired date range on the slider along the left side of the dashboard. Four distinct years (2017-2020) are available to peruse. When a new date range is selected, the map of Wisconsin will update and show only the data for the selected dates, allowing anyone to see trends over time.

Check out the 2020 data on Snapshot Wisconsin’s Data Dashboard: