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January #SuperSnap

The January #SuperSnap goes to this beaver spotted in Ashland County by a Snapshot Wisconsin trail camera! Beaver, the largest rodent in North America, have unique features that help them conduct their favorite activity. Gnawing on sticks, of course! Their large, round tail helps with balance on land, and they will use their tiny front feet to carry and hold sticks. In the fall, they will often begin to prepare food caches of their favorite woody items. If the area is relatively free of predators, the beavers will take their supplies a farther distance from the water to gnaw the pieces into shorter lengths. Afterwards, they will begin carrying the pieces back to their underwater storage area for easy access during the winter!

A huge thanks to Zooniverse participant @cjpope for this #SuperSnap nomination.

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Snapshot Saturday: August 18th, 2018

Bringing literal meaning to the phrase “busy as a beaver,” this Snapshot Saturday features a bustling North American beaver, Castor canadensis, captured on an Oneida Snapshot camera!

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