March #SuperSnap

The March #SuperSnap goes to this flock of turkeys spotted in Marinette County! During late winter, turkeys will eat a lot to store up food reserves before their upcoming breeding season. It’s important for the female turkey, or hens, to eat snails and other sources of calcium and minerals to help them produce eggs. Both male and female turkeys are opportunistic feeders and will eat whatever insects, small animals, or plant materials are available throughout the year. Turkeys forage mostly by walking around and scratching at leaf litter to expose potential food items, primarily in the mornings and evenings. 

A huge thanks to Zooniverse participant @Pjpotter14 for this #SuperSnap nomination.

Continue classifying photos on Zooniverse and sharing your favorites with #SuperSnap – your submission might just be next month’s featured photo! Check out all the nominations by searching “#SuperSnap” on the Snapshot Wisconsin Talk boards.


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