Turkey Fight Captured on Camera

Snapshot Saturdays are a weekly feature on the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resource’s Facebook page. Give them a Like to keep up with recent DNR news and to view the weekly Snapshot Saturdays. 

One of Snapshot Wisconsin’s educators, Skylar from Marquette County, managed to capture quite the epic turkey fight in front of their classroom’s trail camera. Skylar shared, “Judging from the time stamps, the altercation lasted for at least 3 minutes. I imagine that it would be really terrifying in real life.”

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Certainly a scene you wouldn’t want to stumble upon in the woods, but a great one to observe from a trail camera!

Interested in hosting your own Snapshot Wisconsin camera? Visit our webpage to find out how to get involved: https://dnr.wi.gov/topic/research/projects/snapshot/.

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One response to “Turkey Fight Captured on Camera”

  1. Blayne Zeise says :

    A gang of jakes trying to figure out the “pecking order” They all appear to be jakes even the one strutting in the background. You can tell by the feathers in the middle being taller than the others. A mature tom’s fan would appear as a nice smooth arc. A gang of jakes like this could potentially drive a mature tom off a “hot hen”.

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