February #SuperSnap

For this month’s #SuperSnap we couldn’t pick just one! Volunteers classifying Snapshot Wisconsin images on Zooniverse may have noticed a boom in bear photos this season, which not only is helping researchers catch up on important bear data – but also bringing an influx of un-bear-ably awesome bear photos!

The American black bear (Ursus americanus) is the only species of bear found in Wisconsin. The current population estimate for the state is around 28,000 bears, whose primary range is restricted to the northern third of the state. These critters previously held the title of “largest resident mammal” until elk were reintroduced, bumping them into second place. Keep an eye for them during Wisconsin’s warm months, before they dip into their winter slumbers.

Continue classifying photos on Zooniverse and hashtagging your favorites for a chance to be featured in the next #SuperSnap blog post. Check out all of the nominations by searching “#SuperSnap” on the Snapshot Wisconsin Talk boards. We can bear-ly wait to see what other neat photos arise!

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