Who are the trail camera volunteers?

Season 3 of Snapshot Wisconsin will feature photos collect by volunteers right here in Wisconsin!

Volunteers who host trail cameras on private land are responsible for deploying and maintaining the cameras, as well as submitting photos to the Wisconsin DNR several times per year.  To date, 71 volunteers in two counties have been trained in the project. An additional 65 educators across the state are using Snapshot Wisconsin in their classroom. Next month the Wisconsin DNR will begin training volunteers in four more counties.

Here’s a closer look at who has volunteered to host a trail camera so far.


If you are interested in learning more about volunteering for Snapshot Wisconsin, visit the project website or join the mailing list. Already a trail camera volunteer? Tell us about your favorite part of participating in Snapshot Wisconsin in the comments.

About Christine Anhalt-Depies

Research Scientist at Wisconsin DNR

3 responses to “Who are the trail camera volunteers?”

  1. Sarah Lima says :

    I have signed in and found that it says this currently has no data, and it says “finished” on the photos. Will it start up again? When? It was a delight to participate in this project.


    • Christine Anhalt-Depies says :

      Thanks for your interest, Sarah! We upload new data in chunks or “seasons.” Volunteers have classified all the data in the most recent season. We anticipate uploading more data in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned to the Blog or Talk for updates!


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