Snapshot Wisconsin expands to 4 new counties

If you’ve been following our project updates, you know that we’re rolling out on a county-by-county basis. This makes it manageable for our small DNR team to recruit and train volunteers to host trail cameras across the state.

Well, as of today, we’re happy to announce that enrollment is now open in four new counties, bringing our county total to six: Iowa, Iron, Jackson, Manitowoc, Sawyer, and Waupaca. Any individual or organization in these counties with access to 10 acres of land is now encouraged to apply to host a trail camera. We are also continuing to accept applications from educators and tribal members/affiliates across the state.


Look for photos from these counties in future seasons of Snapshot Wisconsin on Zooniverse!

Meanwhile, the project continues to get positive press. Here’s Dan Small, everyone’s favorite Wisconsin outdoors icon, giving Snapshot Wisconsin a shout out:

About Christina Locke

Researcher and program coordinator for Snapshot Wisconsin.

2 responses to “Snapshot Wisconsin expands to 4 new counties”

  1. Steve Holzman says :

    Just started some classifications. How should we handle unknowns? There’s definitely something there (eye shine), blurred movement, but we can’t identify it. Seems wrong to select ‘nothing there’. Any advice is appreciated. Great project btw.


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