Welcome to Snapshot Wisconsin Season 1!

Black bear and cublogo_squareElk bull

We are so very excited to launch Snapshot Wisconsin, a volunteer-based effort to monitor wildlife using trail cameras. This project is run by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR), with the help of wonderful collaborators and volunteers like you. Those of you who participated in this project’s precursor – Wisconsin Wildlife Watch – will be familiar with the general idea of Snapshot Wisconsin. For the newbies, let’s get you oriented!

The goals of this project are to:

  • Increase public engagement with natural resources and the outdoors.
  • Provide data needed to make wildlife management decisions.

To accomplish these goals, we are establishing a statewide network of trail cameras. Each camera is hosted by a volunteer who sets up the camera, collects the camera’s SD card at least every three months, uploads photos, and screens the photos. Then, we transfer the photos to Zooniverse where users can identify and count the animals they see in the photos.

This process is immensely helpful to us. Once the project is rolled out across the state, we will potentially be handling millions of photos each month – far too many for WDNR staff to classify on our own!

We are interested in all the wildlife species found in the photos, but a special focus of Season 1 is to learn more about Wisconsin’s elk population. The first set of cameras were set up in two areas of Wisconsin where elk have been reintroduced (more detail here and on our Research page), and Season 1 photos are from these elk reintroduction areas.

Elk reintroduction areas in Wisconsin, USA.

Elk reintroduction areas in Wisconsin, USA.

Future Snapshot Wisconsin seasons will include photos from different counties around the state as we enroll volunteers on a rolling basis. (If you live in Wisconsin and would like to apply to host a trail camera, please visit our official project page.)

Stay tuned to this blog for updates and feel free to frequent our Talk boards to communicate with researchers and other users.

Happy classifying!

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About Christina Locke

Researcher and program coordinator for Snapshot Wisconsin.

6 responses to “Welcome to Snapshot Wisconsin Season 1!”

  1. Gail Johnston says :

    Living in Hawaii the past few years, I miss watching North American wildlife. I feel like I’m getting a fix here!

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  2. Rachel Tilseth says :

    Reblogged this on Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin and commented:
    Reblogged Welcome to season 1 of Snapshot Wisconsin. It’s a great source for classifying Wisconsin’s wildlife.

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  3. Animalista Untamed says :

    What a brilliant idea! Apart from giving much pleasure to people, and useful information, hopefully it can be used to benefit the animals too.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Rick Hagen says :

    How do me and my son start collecting trail camera pictures in Pierce county?
    Thank you


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